Be Good to Your Business; Get a Bookkeeper

Why your business needs a bookkeeper.

There are so many jobs to do when you have your own business and no matter how hard you try you can’t be great at doing them all.  The wise sages of the internet say that you should be outsourcing whatever you’re not good at and we can’t disagree with this advice.

While you’re working on getting your business started, and growing your business, the rest of the important-but-distracting jobs can be outsourced.  Bookkeeping is one of those tasks that often falls by the wayside whilst other more interesting tasks are done.

Bookkeeping is an essential part of your business; the sooner you recognise this and take action to ensure your accounts are in order, the better it is for you and your business.

If you still need convincing, read on.


  1. Remote but not inaccessible

Bookkeepers like Building Blocks for Business can do their work remotely using software like MYOB & Xero.  This means that your bookkeeper does the work from their office without having to be at your office, if you even have one.  You’ll still be able to engage with them and talk about your accounts the same as if you were employing an in-house bookkeeper or accounts clerk.


  1. Doing it right

A professional bookkeeper knows how to keep your books so that they’ll always be accurate and correct.  Your GST return will be filed on time, your weekly payroll is done, and your accountant will have less to do at year end.


  1. No more reconciliations!!!

So, you are doing the bank reconciliation every day and reconciling your creditor statements to your accounts each month aren’t you?  No.  Oh dear.

So, if you’re not doing the reconciliations then how do you know your accounts are correct, how do you know the amounts you’re paying to your creditors are correct?  These kinds of tasks are often ignored by business owners at their peril.  A bookkeeper will take care of this for you.


  1. Keep cashflow flowing

In business, cashflow rules.  If your business doesn’t have the cash, then it can’t pay its way and it can’t pay you.  Ask your bookkeeper to monitor your cashflow and alert you should there be any issues.


  1. That’s one less thing to worry about

When you know your accounts are in order, that your cashflow is performing well, and your GST and payroll dues are filed on time, then that’s a large amount of tasks you can take off your To Do list.  It’s all been done while you concentrated on running your business.


This list could be longer, but surely now you can see why a great bookkeeper is a business’s best friend!


Building Blocks for Business, are experienced bookkeepers.  Call us now on 021 771 555, or email, to talk about how we can help your business.

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